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Mark Moody, College Counselor

Counseling and Coaching For Student Growth
A family’s conversation about a teenager’s choices for college and life after high school is an opportunity for a joyful process of discovery, enrichment, and confidence-building. 
The college search coincides with an invaluable developmental window for students to assess what they’ve learned about themselves, to project that knowledge into the future, and to build and practice lifelong executive skills, while coming to understand the many potential pathways that lay ahead of them.


Experienced, Informed Support with International Perspective

As Director and Co-Director of College Counseling at premier independent college preparatory schools in the US and overseas for almost two decades, I guided close to 1,000 students and their families through the college search, while overseeing collaborative college counseling teams and community education programs. Now, I bring the same level of experienced, student-centered advising found in those school settings to my guidance for families, along with my knowledge from my previous work in selective college admission. I intentionally work with a limited number of students in order to provide the best support possible, to meet them where they are, and to engage in a genuine conversation to understand and guide them. Every student is different, and every journey should reflect those differences.

Transformational and Relational Instead of Transactional

The process of finding and applying to colleges can be fun and unifying for the student and their family, an opportunity for celebration— it does not have to be a time of stress. There are hundreds of institutions (in the US and abroad!) that can offer any student everything they need to thrive. There's a healthy, empowering entry to this conversation that starts with the student, their priorities and preferences, and allows them to ask colleges how they can meet their needs and aspirations. Helping students to embrace this mindset, and to discover communities and pathways they might not have found otherwise, is an endless source of gratification and energy in my work.

Exploration and Balance
I aim to provide no-nonsense, ethical, quality advice and access to the best practical tools for research, reflection and task management. This guidance is informed by years in the college admission profession alongside teenagers and their parents, in conversation with other passionate counselors and the human beings who make decisions about college applications.

If you would like your teen

  • to enter into this rite of passage toward adulthood with a growth mindset

  • to explore and discover exciting possibilities for their future

  •  to tell their unique story confidently

  • to complete their application materials in a timely fashion with minimal stress

  • to keep perspective on what matters in this decision, along with a healthy sense of humor

  • and to feel empowered as they move into their next step toward life after high school,

Then let's have a conversation.

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MSquared: Student-Centered College Counseling

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