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College Counseling Testimonials


I've been fortunate to work with thoughtful students who remain in touch as their lives progress through and beyond college. Here are insights from a few of them. Also read my Google Reviews at the bottom of the page (try refreshing this page if you don't see them.) Read more here about my thoughts on outcomes and success in the college application process.

Feedback from Admissions Counseling Professionals:

Mark Moody is one of the brightest, most talented, skilled, and caring college counselors in our field.  Read the testimonials from his former students, and you can clearly see the wonderful qualities that make him one of the finest in this profession. 

His dedication to those with whom he works and to continuing to develop himself personally and professionally are second to none. He gets to know each student well personally and works just as hard to help them know themselves as they continue to develop their potential. He guides them with honesty, candor, empathy, and an important sense of calm that enables them to stay open to finding their best college “fits” while giving their best efforts on the applications they submit.

Having known him since his admissions days at Trinity University and having worked with him through organizational leadership and at professional conferences for over twenty years, I certainly offer my strongest endorsement of Mr. Moody for the outstanding work I know he will do with and for students and their families for years to come.   


Nancy T. Beane, Retired College Counselor and Former President of The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

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