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College and High School
Advising & Application Services


College Admission: At every step of the way, my goal is to keep the student at the center of the conversation, supporting them as they take charge of their research and transition to college. Everyone’s strengths, needs, and priorities are different, and my support will be personalized in response to those self-assessments–- while ensuring timely progress.


Typically, I work with students primarily over the 11th and 12th grade academic years as a two-year package. We can begin a consulting conversation in 9th or 10th grade, which might include advising on course choice, activities, summers, standardized test strategy, and general advice on making the most of high school, to set up students to be informed decision-makers when we turn to the explicit conversation about college options.


I can also offer more targeted support for your student's needs and stage of the process, including options for hourly packages to help with things like rounding out college lists, essay writing, choosing next year's classes, strategizing visit trips, finding potential merit money, or untangling concepts like early action, early decision, deferral, and waitlist.

Making sense of researching and applying to colleges can feel like an overwhelming undertaking. I can help break it down into manageable pieces for everyone involved. 

Independent/ Boarding School Admission: I bring the same mindset and scaffolding to the search for an application-based high school choice, for students looking to enter grades 9-12. With two decades of experience as a school administrator and admission reader in the tight-knit US independent school world and in international schools, I can help your student (and you, parents!) find the best fits and put their best self forward in the application and interviews.

I love getting to know the interests, quirks, talents, questions, and hopes of teenagers. The best application journeys celebrate those things and don't airbrush, suppress or disguise them.

My work has always been informed by respect for adolescent development and student wellness.

My perspective is equally informed by ongoing engagement with the college admission landscape, colleagues within the profession, the latest global trends, and developments in specific institutions.

I help students tell their authentic stories on the way to a college experience yielding intellectual and personal growth.

Empowered Task Management

  • Coach on task management and organizational assistance

  • Outline support and structure for the family

  • Provide account for powerful web-based platform with organization, communication and search tools

  • Provide timelines and reminders to complete tasks in a timely fashion to minimize student and family stress

  • Direct towards high quality research sources that promote informed decision making 

  • Advise on application follow-up procedures

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