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Counseling Packages

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Grade 11-12 Comprehensive College Counseling

Starting any time from the summer before 11th grade through the start of 12th grade (if space is available), this is complete support for the college application process. I’ll be your guide through research, reflection, and preparation that transitions into a process of storytelling, execution of tasks, and decision-making. See details.
$10,000 to $14,000 depending on start date.


Early High School Advising

For 9th and 10th grade students, starting as early as spring of 8th grade. This plan secures an experienced advisor and coach to advise on curricular and activities decisions while also exploring conversations to look ahead to the reflection, self-assessment, and informed research stages that take off in 11th grade. Discounted rate when combined with Comprehensive College Counseling or High School Admission packages. See details.
Contact for pricing based on start date


Independent Day and Boarding High School Admission

 With two decades of experience and networking as a school administrator and admission reader in both the tight-knit US independent school world and in international schools outside the US, I can help your student (and you, parents!) find the best fits and put their best self forward in the application and interviews. Discounted rate for bundle with comprehensive high school advising and college admission support if desired.


College List Booster

For high school juniors or first semester seniors. You'll receive list of at least 20 personalized college recommendations to research at varying levels of selectivity. Financial aid and merit scholarship potential can be included. I'll include guidance on researching effectively and once the student decides on a draft application list, a data analysis of the student’s list that predicts likelihoods based on last year’s applications, indicates whether or not to submit testing, suggests best timelines for applying, and more. We start and close this package with 1-hour Zoom calls to discuss preferences, background, and application strategy. See more details



Total Essay Package

You'll write a Common App primary essay and supplements or U of California PIQs for up to 8 colleges. This process includes:
   Personal insight survey
   Personal assessments
   Brainstorming sessions
   Writing timeline and organization
   Supplement research guidance
   Drafting and feedback over multiple drafts and edits

At final review, I'll provide commentary from a current college admission officer who will read as if evaluating an application.



Transfer Admission

Students may decide to apply to transfer out of the post-secondary institution where they started for many reasons. I have guided students with a range of college academic records and many different motivations to change schools to find the right fit to finish their degree. I can do the background work to determine admission likelihood and space available at targeted colleges, and help you tell your story effectively.
Pricing based on estimate of hours required


Express Hourly Packages

These hours can be applied in almost any kind of high school or college admission advising, or just to ask questions as needed.

5 hours for $1850
10 hours for $3500
15 hours for $5000
A la carte advice per hour $400

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