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A sortable College Finder tool from Jon Boeckenstedt

I cite Jon Boeckenstedt (pronounced, as he says, as if you're telling someone you aren't a fan of Mozart, you like Bach instead) often in my posts. Jon is a smart guy who currently is the VP of Enrollment at Oregon State University. He's become well-known in the admission world for his use of visualizations of college enrollment data to counter many widely held, but uninformed beliefs, and to illustrate some fundamental truths about the very big picture of American college admission.

Here is a tool Jon made that allows for searching all US colleges and universities to see where the largest numbers of undergraduate degrees in specific fields are granted. You can hone in by sorting for region, type or size of school.

For instance, you might have a question about which college awards the most degrees in French Language and Literature: A few clicks, and you find it's the University of Arizona. If you want a colder climate, choose the Great Lakes region, for instance, and you'll see it's The University of Michigan. If you want a private college, another two clicks and you find it's Oberlin.

Click the image to go to his blog post. It might help you find a few colleges to learn more about, or if you're a higher ed nerd like me, you might go down a deep rabbit hole. In any case, it's an enlightening resource that Jon has shared for free.

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