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AI in College Admission News and Opinion Roundup

Since ChatGPT created a massive cultural paradigm shift last year, one of the hottest topics and biggest questions in college admission has been how generative writing technology could influence college admission, especially those student essays.

A lot has been discussed and written since then; here are some of the most recent articles that point to if and how AI could impact the college admission process as we know it-- as well as thoughts on how to live as a human in this age of artificial intelligence.

This is a conversation actively in flux, evolving as counselors, students and admission offices all come to understand the power and limits of the technology and its continuing evolution.

Truth About College Admission Podcast: Guest Jeff Neill, counselor at an international school, offers advice on using AI responsibly in the college search and application journeys.

(Jeff is a friend of mine from my international education days, and he's spent a lot of time lately thinking about this. Rick and Brennan's podcast has great advice; I got to blurb the first edition of their fantastic book, as well!)

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