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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

It's been a busy summer as MSquared Counseling is taking off!

In June, I traveled to Denver for the HECA Professional Development Institute for higher ed counselors in early stages of launching their business.

It was a privilege to talk best practice with some OG's and influencers of the independent counseling world: Bob Dannenhold, Claire Nold-Glaser, and Eric Delehoy-- all old friends from the Pacific NW-- as well as Cyndy McDonald and Kazue McGregor from CA, and Steve Antonoff from Denver, who is well known for sharing terrific resources used by counselors in all settings.

It was particularly impactful and reassuring to me that a great deal of our conversation was about best ethical practice to support students and families with integrity. Organizations like HECA and @iecaheadquarters are dedicated to that mission, along with our national and regional affiliates of @nacacheadquarters.

I'm grateful to be able to continue do the kind of student-centered work I've done for two decades in schools, with the support of those organizations, to counsel students in ways that reduce stress and lead to healthy, growth-oriented pathways and outcomes.

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