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Keep up with 2024 early admission stats

The good folks at College Kickstart maintain and update a blog listing each year's admission cycle notification dates and statistics.

If you want to understand Early Decision or Early Action outcomes, you can find links to published data, if available, by keeping an eye on the link in the image below.

As I told a student today about receiving Early Action deferrals from two schools that deferred over 90% of early applicants, "I just want to reassure you that these two semi-decisions do not reflect on you, your application, or the rest of your applications. You're going to have great options! Focus on what you can control-- that does not include what an admission office decides, and those decisions do not reflect your ability, intelligence or value. They are responding to institutional priority/ pressure and dealing with way, way, way more applications than they can afford to admit, with limited reading time. A deferred application is still in the mix and will be revisited with the general pool over the next two months."

By the way, I provide my clients with College Kickstart accounts to provide the most recent objective data to assist in our assessment of the likelihood of admission at each college they are considering, in order to help us arrive at a balanced list.

Hang in there, class of 2024!

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