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Looking Back on the Future of College Admission

Two years ago, I was invited to speak on issues in the world of college admission post-pandemic, along with Femi Ogundele, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment at the University of California, Berkeley, and Tamar Adegbile, veteran college counselor and Director of Student Wellbeing at the Avenues School.

This video just came up in conversation, and I revisited it. It's still a very timely discussion about the changing college admission landscape and the impact of the pandemic on students, counselors and admission officers alike.

Take a look to hear what was-- and largely, still is-- on the mind of college counselors and admission leaders in the post-2020 admission landscape. Notably, you can learn a lot from Femi's insights on how the UC system reviews applications without SAT or ACT, and what does influence their decisions about student readiness and fit for their campuses.

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Unknown member
Mar 04

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