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May 1

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

30 days hath September... That means Monday is May 1, aka May Day, aka National Candidate Reply Date for US college admission. If you're a senior or a parent of one, and a decision hasn't been made yet, this weekend is the time to make a choice, pay the deposit, fill out the form, and go all in on a college home. The class of 2023 deserves our congratulations and props; they have been through an unprecedented experience in their high school years. That's all the more reason to jump fully into college life, making the most of a community and opportunities to make connections, learn and grow. Whether you're attending a "reach," "target," or "likely," none of that matters anymore. Choose one of the places that valued your story enough to welcome you in, and commit yourself to total engagement in your first year. A special thanks to seniors and families who entrusted me with guiding their way in my first full year as an independent counselor. I'm excited for you and the experiences that await!

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