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NACAC Conference 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I joined over 6,000 of my admission profession friends and colleagues in my original hometown of Houston for the @nacacheadquarters annual national conference. It was so good to be back among the tribe that has been like family to me for over 20 years.

Along with some informative educational sessions and updates on legal challenges to the landscape, and the world's largest college fair, I attended many receptions hosted by colleges and organizations, catching up with hundreds of old friends in quick exchanges in the throng.

I always think it's fun to show a peek behind this curtain to folks outside our business --

Here are images of the enormous vendor hall, which I like to refer to as the "admission-industrial complex." There is a multi-billion dollar industry in consulting colleges on everything from their promotional materials to enrollment and financial aid strategies-- which is one reason why it can help to have a knowledgeable, ethical guide through the application process.

Notable this year was the absence of College Board and ACT, which traditionally have had large presences here!

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