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News you can use: Colleges that Allow self-Reporting of SAT & ACT

As deadlines are approaching, and students make sure they have all the pieces in place for their applications, you can find some relief in knowing that many colleges now allow you to self-report your standardized test scores (if you're planning to have them considered.) The colleges trust your report, and then if you're admitted, you'll have to follow up and send official score reports. It's a big savings of time and money sent to the test organizations.

Click through the image to find an updated list from our friends at Compass Prep.

And by the way, I'll second the shout to to the good people named here: Gabi McColgan of Castilleja School in Palo Alto, James Murphy of many hats and journalistic outlets, and one of my dearest friends, Marie Bigham of ACCEPT.

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